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"Try imagining a place where it's always safe and warm come in, she said I'll give you shelter from the storm"

- Bob Dylan -

H7shelter is a groundbreaking flat-pack, lightweight construction system that enables instant and reversible self-construction of temporary structures without requiring machinery or specialized technical skills.

A Game Changer

Combining the practicality of a tent with the comfort of a home, H7shelter is a game changer for all of those who are looking of quickly deployable temporary built-spaces 

H7 shelter modular building

effortlessly build your own spaces wherever you like or need on matter of hours



user friendly

high performant

H7 System

With its revolutionary assembly sequence H7shelter empowers anyone, regardless of expertise, strength or gender, to effortlessly raise a fully habitable structure of any shape and size in a matter of hours



H7 shelter off grid

Temporary Housing

H7 humanitarian shelter

Relief Operations

H7 Shelter school

Modular Schools

H7 Modular hospital

Field Hospitals

H7 shelter olympic pavilion

Events & Venues

H7 shelter off grid

Remote Dwelling

H7 shelter full solution

Much more than a predefined product

H7 modular solutions

The H7shelter is not a fixed product, but rather an incredibly versatile, flexible, and modular construction system designed to meet a wide range of needs. Its innovative design allows for extensive configurations and customizations, making it adaptable to various applications and environments. Whether used for emergency housing, temporary shelters, or bespoke architectural projects, H7shelter provides a dynamic solution that can be tailored to specific requirements.

Main Features

  • Structural suspended floor

  • Two adults (women or men) can assemble it in half a day

  • Packed volume reduction ratio 1:14

  • Walls thickness up tp 70mm

  • One base module weights 30 kg

  • Complete reversibility

  • Wall Height and Roof Pitch adjustable

  • Stackable

H7 shelter measurements
Calculations based on a UN standard 18 sqm family shelter unit.

Our Journey So Far











About Us

About Us

We are four partners who have strong connections in the humanitarian sector and collectively enjoy a wide network of major players in various fields including humanitarian, academia, aid agencies, business and media.

Luca Binifacio

Luca Bonifacio

Since 2001, Luca has been exploring architectural experimentation in challenging geographical, technological, and social settings. He collaborates on international humanitarian projects and founded "Hope and Space" in 2005 to advocate for humanitarian architecture and appropriate technology. Luca now teaches and serves on the Scientific Committee for the Master's Design For Development at the Polytechnic University of Milan. He also advises the Italian National Council of Architects, Planners, and focusing on Humanitarian Architecture.

Michiko Suka

Michiko Suka

Michiko is a seasoned expert in coordinating and managing development policies and projects in post-conflict countries, collaborated extensively with local and international institutions, notably Japan's Aid Agency, JICA, in southern African countries for over 15 years. With a deep understanding of donor roles, institutional relations, and large-scale budget management, she oversees financial planning and institutional relations at GSG. Her work has also fostered a global network with youth from over 50 countries.

Sorcha Hellyer

Sorcha Hellyer

Sorcha is a seasoned entrepreneur, co-founding Image Diplomacy and iD creative solutions, with 20+ years of expertise in international communications, business development, & client networking. Beginning her career in PR in London, she has spearheaded communication projects across 25+ countries. Sorcha empowers organizations and nations in branding and communication strategies, collaborated with global teams and renowned media outlets like BBC World News. She also led branding/marketing initiatives for the UN's International Trade Centre in Myanmar for over 6 years.

Gabriele Villa

Gabriele Villa

Gabriele, specializing in business development and marketing, is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Image Diplomacy and iD creative solutions. With extensive experience leading teams in developing economies across nearly 30 countries, he excels in branding, PR, marketing, media management, market research, and client networking. Gabriele drives strategic alliances, representing iD with BBC Global News and Global Tourism Forum. Instrumental in GSG's fundraising, he oversees investor relations, expands networks, and identifies market opportunities.

Our Partners

We have established a network of valuable industrial partners to ensure the optimal development of the highly innovative H7shelter system. This collaboration streamlines the production process, integrating advanced technologies with a focus on sustainability

Progetto CMR




Leaf Project




Our Partners

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